2002-08-12, News

Steve Fossett und Terry Delore wollen die 3000km Grenze in New Zealand ├╝berschreiten.

Fossett, at Omarama with the Perlan Project team, has offered the use of the much-modified Glaser Dirks DG-505 sailplane in which he is hoping to set a new world gliding altitude record of 18,900m (62,000ft) in the stratospheric mountain wave over the South Island. Delore, one of only three glider pilots in the world to have flown further than 2000km, has been planning an attempt to set a new outright world distance record of 3000km record for some time. The flight is likely to take longer than one day, so Fossett's glider, which is equipped for night flying, is ideal. "His eyes lit up when he heard about this," said Delore, ... [mehr]


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