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World Air Games 2005

Segelfliegen in Malasien, wäre doch was!?! Four highly motivated bidders. During the first phase of the Bid Process to host the 3rd FAI World Air Games (WAG), which ended on 15 April 2003, FAI received four highly motivated letters of intention to bid for the organization of the 3rd WAG in 2005. After thoroughly evaluating the four files, the WAG Coordinating Committee (WAGCC) decided in principle to invite all four Bidders to enter the second phase. However, because of the close proximity of the next Commonwealth Games, due to be held in Melbourne in 2006, and the rival claims that these Games will make on available sources of funding, Aerospace of Australia Ltd (in association with the NAC of Australia) wisely decided to postpone its bid (which was centred on Wangaratta in the State of Victoria), to a later date. There follows a short description of the three remaining Bids for 2005.
Italy Rieti, Mountainous venues : Poggio and Monte Cucco, Secondary airfields : Terni, Perugia, Aquila, Period proposed : End of August 2005
Malaysia Langkawi Island, Mountainous venues : Langkawi Island, Secondary airfields : Alor Setar, Kedah, Batu Pahat, Period proposed : July to September 2005
Bielsko-Biala, Mountainous venues : Szczyrk, Zar, Secondary airfields : Gliwice, Katowice, Nowy Targ, Period proposed : End of July or beginning of August 2005
Phase 2 of Bid Process: During the second phase of the Bid Process, which opened on 14 May 2003, the three remaining Bidders have been invited to confirm their interest in hosting the 3rd FAI World Air Games in 2005, and to provide FAI with detailed information regarding their proposed venues and infrastructure, initial program of events, budgets and marketing strategy. The results of this second phase will be known by mid-July 2003.

Quelle: FAI

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