2002-12-07, News

Weltumsegelung (Geldbeschaffung oder ernsthaftes Projekt?)

Woman pilot aiming to be first to circle the globe in a glider: A woman is hoping to set a world record by becoming the first person to fly around the world in a glider. Czech pilot Hana Zejdova hopes to circumnavigate the globe by starting from 12 miles above ground level. The two-seater Zephyr glider is expected to weigh around two tones and have a 147-foot wingspan. Ms Zejdova told press in her home town of Prague that she wanted to attempt the record in three years time. The £8.2 million project aims to beat a number of current flying records in the glider category. Nobody has so far flown a glider above eight miles high or flown one non-stop for longer than 907 miles. Zejdova added: "By 2005 we have to make sure we are completely prepared and trained. Then it will just be a matter of waiting for the perfect day to come along. "Gliding requires the right weather conditions, and for a flights such as this it is possible the perfect day may come just once in the year." Zejdova's father, Vladimir Zejda, said they were hoping to beat other pilots such as American Steve Fossett to the record. [Quelle]


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