2002-11-26, News

More Record Flights In Argentine

Argentine seems to be the place to be at the moment. Osvaldo M. Ferraro, the Argentine National Claims Officer, tells us of another run of outstanding flights from the Chos Malal wave camp with Marcelo "Maña" Martino becoming the first Argentinian to fly 1000km to qualify for the FAI diploma. He declared 1002.96km and flew his LS-7 at 153km/h. The day before he covered 1263.3km under the three free turning point rule to claim the national record. ----------- und jetzt kommts: The national 100km out and return speed record was broken by Horacio "Cholo" Miranda at 205km/h in an IS-28 B2. Also, during one week eight pilots have gained Diamonds. ------------ also wer die [IS-28b2] kennt, weiß wie gut das Wetter dort sein muss!!


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